Website Redesign

Do you need a redesign or a realign? That is the question! Here are just a few things to consider when answering:

  1. Is your website a dinorsaur, using outdated web technology? 
  2. Is it looking old and tired, like they all eventually do? 
  3. Is it search engine friendly or does the thought of dealing with Google, Bing, and Yahoo send you running?
  4. Does your website create a professional image? This is vital in establishing credibility!
  5. Does your website use clear and direct calls to action? If you want to drive sales, you can bet your last penny this is important. 
  6. Does it provide information that your users want? If it doesn't, why would anyone stick around?
  7. Can you easily update and change all of your existing content? If you can’t, then we need to talk, like NOW!
  8. Does your site load quickly? Hands down one of the most important aspects of a successful site. Slow = Goodbye
  9. Does it work in all the latest browsers? If it doesn't, you are losing customers.
  10. Are you proud of your site? You damn well should be and if you're not, we'll fix that.

Right or wrong, people will make snap judgments about who you are and just what you can do within seconds of visiting your site. It might not be fair, but it’s fact. We all do it every day. It’s why so many fail at building an online presence that sticks or that provides any sort of ROI on their time and money invested.

This is how it plays out -- a website looks and runs like crap, and the visitor decides instantly that the site owner (could be you) doesn’t have what they are looking for. And even if the site owner did have what they were looking for, they are so thoroughly confused, frustrated, or turned off by the site they don’t bother spending time to find out.

The backspace button is suddenly their new best friend.

Before the site owner knows it, that person is off having a jolly little romance with their competitor because their competitor’s site gave them exactly what they wanted, how they wanted it, and alll within a matter of seconds.

Kind of scary right?

If you aren’t making the right impression from the start, you’re losing customers. That’s the bottom line. Luckily a simple and clear, functional and well-designed site (with a distinctive message) is all you need to flip that little scenario on its ear and start seeing some positive results.

We'll work with you on any of the issues listed above. So if you’re ready to polish up that diamond in the rough, please get in touch (it’s relatively painless we swear) and we’ll get started on a plan that can help!