Web Design

If there is one thing we know about web design, it’s that every day your website is either bringing you new customers or turning them away in mild horror.  Which would you rather have?

Yeah, us too.

And we’re actually a bit fabulous at helping you do it.  We create websites that perform and deliver clear results. 

In order to do that, we rely on much more than just a pretty layout.  Remember the old saying, “A pretty face will only get you so far”?  Same wisdom applies when it comes to your website.

A pretty layout will only achieve so much- there are many other factors that should be considered as well.  That’s why we’re good at what we do.  We take the time to study your requirements, research your competition, explore the needs of your customers and outline a targeted plan to achieve your goals.  In other words, we give you more than just a pretty face!

The 4 Phases of Creation

Discovery: This phase explores the purpose of your site, your marketing objectives, just who your targeted audience is as well as who your competitors are. In video gamer speak you might call this “stealth mode”. This phase helps us to formulate a rock solid strategy to achieve your desired results effectively and clearly.

Creative: Drawing from all the information gathered up until this point, we start to get to work conceptualizing your design. This is the fun part (for us anyway). We work on creating the best user experience possible under the hood, and a clean fresh design top deck that aligns with your project objectives and speaks perfectly of your brand message.

Development: This is when we start to turn pixels into perfectly semantic HTML/CSS (otherwise known as the geeky part) and oil up all the moving parts so everything runs smoothly and beautifully. We also build a fully customized ExpressionEngine infrastructure which allows you total control over all of your content. (Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to work it too!)

Deployment: This is where we bring your website to life and let it loose on the world. We have created websites for a wide range of industries. Some of those sites have been modern, sleek information sites; others have been fun, playful, creatively hip sites; while still others were clean, crisp and minimal professional sites.

Whatever your brand, whatever your message, whatever it is you envision for your website… we have the skills to bring it to life. So how about it… ready to get started creating your own little slice of web awesome? We’re ready when you are! Contact us today to discuss your project details.