Our consulting service involves listening to what you need, analyzing what you have and then developing the right path for your business site.

We have great listening skills and are passionate about helping you bring your ideas to fruition and decide on a course of action that aligns perfectly with your brand message.

In other words, we’re bent on making you a rock star within your industry when it comes to your websites design, usability and branding chops. We are available to consult and strategize with you or your team, whichever works best.

Some of the items we may cover include:

  • Planning your project.
  • Constructing your information architecture.
  • Strategizing on ways to optimize your system.
  • Determining if ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Craft or another Content Management System is the best choice for your project.
  • Learning ExpressionEngine, WordPress, or Craft best practices.
  • Outlining and writing an RFP that you can take to other design agencies. (oh yes, we'll even send you to someone else!)

Obviously this list isn’t comprehensive, it’s meant to be a guideline for you on what we may discuss. We’re pretty flexible and will address the things that are most important for you. If you’d like to schedule a consult, contact us today to set it up.