Brand Identity & Design

  • Who are you?
  • What do you stand for?
  • Do you have a mission?
  • Do you have a purpose?
  • Just what about you and what you have to offer is so spectacular?

These are questions your brand identity and design should help to answer immediately. Visual impact is vital with a successful brand, regardless of whether you gravitate towards sleek and understated, fun and quirky, or simple and cool.

Many times prospective clients and customers will judge who you are and what you can do within seconds of visiting your site. If your design doesn’t resonate with them immediately in some way, they’re gone faster than you can say boo. That’s where that handy impact comes into play.

One of the most important things you can do for your company is to establish a well defined brand that has meaning and purpose while also setting you apart from your competitors. It pays to stand out in a professional way that appeals to the people you’d enjoy doing business with.

Establishing the right brand can be a difficult process though. It’s more than just looking pretty (although of course that helps!) It’s more than the words on the page, the packaging it’s wrapped in, or anything external all on its own.

Your brand is intertwined with a feeling invoked in the people who are mad about you and what you do, and a kick ass brand identity and design is part of what helps you inspire that feeling. Your brand, when built the right way sends a clear and distinct message about who you are.

Oh and by the way? That first impression counts.

So the question stands - who are you going to be? We can help you figure it out.

What can you expect from us?

Artistry: Our creative style adapts to reflect your needs, to exhibit and answer the question of just who you are. Our concepts will be unique, innovative and above all effective in delivering your message.

Logo: Your logo isn’t your brand alone. That’s often a big misconception when people begin to think of creating their brand. Create a logo and boom, your branded. Not quite! It does however identify your business or product in its simplest form. Think of it as a tool in your arsenal to help imprint your brand upon the brain and create recognition, but it’s not your brand alone. We’ll provide you with your finished logo in multiple formats and sizes that can be used in print and on the web.

Typography: Words count. Both in how they’re written and how they appear visually. We’ll choose a typeface that is aligned with your core brand and then provide you with variations on usage throughout your design to keep your branding consistent and beautifully communicated.

Color Palette: Colors count too. Colors communicate without words and incite emotions that will be associated with your brand from the moment your visitors land on your page. We’ll create an exclusive color palette that can be used in your website, marketing and offline materials. Remember consistency is key!

Style Guide: And finally, we’ll create a brand style guide, which outlines the look of the brand’s communications across all mediums using your selected logo, typography and color palette. Consider these your brand “rules” that others can use when creating any future materials representing you and your business.

Through creative, thoughtful and well-researched design, we can help you elevate your brand presence and visually solidify your answer to the question of who you are. Ready to get started?