Custom Illustrations and Letterpress Design

I was recently looking for letterpress prints to hang up in my newly painted office.  I wanted something fun, a little whimisical and pet related.  While I didn't find many prints that struck my fancy, I did come across some really fabulous card sets.  I've purchased letterpress cards before and then just framed them to hang on the wall.  Not necessarily their intended use, but it works just the same.

Sweet Harvey offers ready-made gorgeous original illustration letterpress and screenprinting designs and I've fallen head over heels. There are prints, pillow covers, even embroidered hoop art, but what caught my eye were the notecards and greeting cards.

The cuteness. The simplicity. The whimsy. The clean design. They have it all. I kinda want one of everything, but Sean would flip out if I did that.  I've yet to decide which to get, but the Fox and Owl are high on the list.

Here a few other noteable mentions as well.

How cool is this vintage typewriter?

And this pup with a little red eye patch? *dies*

And of course, this sweet pumpkin!

I'm not sure I'll be able to decide. I think it might be easier if there was a package of 10 assorted cards to choose from (*hint**hint*), but for now I'll have to pick just one because they are simply to lovely to pass up.

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