Client Support Portal

Just wanted to quickly let our current clients know that we have a new support portal, where you can submit a support ticket. We've been handling support via email for years, however it's become a little overwhelming for us and in an effort to better serve you, this new support portal will allow us to easily check on new support requests and respond to those requests faster.

You can also email support at [email protected], which will automatically create a new support ticket. 

Ah, ain't the internet grand!

Are you missing out on local business?

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, the most popular information on your site is your contacting information.  This is how potential customers will find your location, hours and phone number.  

The following information should be on every page of your site:

1. Include the name of your town and state

Not all websites are meant for the entire world.  A lot of small town businesses only cater to customers in their town, so it's imperative to include your town and state. 

2. Your location, phone number and hours 

This information definitely needs to be in the header or sidebar of your site, on every page.  If someone lands on your about page or services page from google, they'll have that information immediately available.  This is also helpful for mobile users so they can quickly see where you are located.

Optional, yet important, information to include on your local small business site:

1. Photo of your store front

People are visual by nature and when they're driving around looking for you business, having a snapshot in their head of what the building and store front looks like is very helpful.  This can be great on the home page and/or contact page.

2. A map

So simple, but rarely used.  You can go to google maps, put in the address of your business and they'll give you a simple piece of code that you embed in your site so a map of your location will show up. 

So taking the above into consideration, we went on the hunt for local businesses in our town (Salisbury, NC) to see how they stacked up.  A few sites included this information on their contact page, which is great start.  

One site we ran across has it all. Pottery 101, is including their location, hours, phone number, plus a photo of their storefront on every single page (big points!).  They also have a handy link to directions which includes a map!

All of this information is vitally important for small town businesses.  If customers can't find you online, they won't be able to find you offline.  Are you doing everything you can to ensure your customers can find you?  

By Melissa :: In Business :: Comments

Recently Launched: Kitty Cradle

When I'm not fawning over fonts and lusting after pumpkin, I am passionate about pet related products.  As we've mentioned only a few times, we have 2 dogs and 3 cats and we consider them family.  It's so important to us that they get the best, from the food they eat, to the beds they lay in. Of course they're totally spoiled and that's just how we like it.  

So, it's no surprise that  I was completely thrilled and excited to work on a site that offers a first-to-market product for cats.  It's such an awesome product and something I know cat parents need. 

We had the pleasure to work with Kitty Cradle, a space saving cat hammock that fits under your chair and gives your cat a comfy place to hide out and spend 22 hours of his day snoozing. It's the perfect cat accessory!  Not only will your kitty love this, but you will too.  Forget about huge cat furniture that take up precious space and use existing unused space. It's a win win for you and kitty!

This one page site, with custom illustrations by Green Couch Designs, allows customers to view product images, understand the key features and also see how easily it is to use.  And of course there's an easy Reserve Now form so you can get in on the action as soon as the Kitty Cradle launches. 

Be sure to reserve your Kitty Cradle today!

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Cover Photo Guidelines for your Facebook Timeline

So it won't be long until the new Facebook Timeline hits all brand pages (March 30th to be exact).  If you haven't noticed, you have the option of turning the timeline on now, however before you do, you'll want to get your Cover Photo setup.

The new Facebook Timeline cover photo size is 850px X 315px. We just finished creating the cover photo for our Facebook page

Beyond the size of the photo, there are also some restrictions that Facebook has put into place and that you should know about. This is pretty important and I think also most overlooked by small businesses that don't necessarily go looking for all the fine print. 

Facebook Cover photos cannot include:

  • Price or purchase information, such as "40% off" or "Download it at our website". 
  • Contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s "About" section.
  • References to Facebook features or actions, such as "Like" or "Share" or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features.
  • Calls to action, such as "Get it now' or "Tell your friends".
  • Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties' intellectual property. 

Source:Facebook Pages Product Guide

I'm not keen on a lot of these restriction, especially since we no longer can have tabs or welcome pages, but it's not enough to prevent us from keeping our business page.  Whether we like it or not, Facebook is where the masses go and as with everything they do, I'm sure the new timeline will evolve and perhaps even some other options will emerge.

So are you using the new Facebook Timeline yet?  What do you think?

If you need a design for your Facebook Cover Photo be sure to let us know.  We're giving a 25% off discount if you book before March 30th. 

Color Palette #5: Blush & Bashful Popcorn

If you haven't seen the movie, Steel Magnolias, than the name for this color palette will definitely not have the same effect as it does on me. 

Truvy: What are your colors, Shelby? 
Shelby: My colors are "blush" and "bashful." 
M'Lynn: Her colors are "pink" and pink." 
Shelby: My colors are "blush" and "bashful" Mama! 
M'Lynn: How precious is this weddin' gonna get, I ask you? 

Pink and Pink!  I probably would have said the same back in 1989. I wasn't a fan of pink. Not until I reached 30 did I find my sweet love of pink. And now, as I type this, my office is bursting with Blush and Bashful, on the walls, on my desk, on the windows.  

When I saw the photo in today's color palette over on The Crafting Chicks, I knew immediately that I wanted pink popcorn and I also wanted to use this photo to create a color palette.  I'm very thankful that The Crafting Chicks gave me permission to do so. 

Pink! Popcorn!  Will wonders never cease?

(For the Steel Magnolia fans, I do realize that these pinks are not the same as Shelby's Blush and Bashful, but the lovely play of pinks here made me think of them)

And now, let's make some popcorn!

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